Your Internet Business

is at RISK!

a database hiccup...

a server glitch...

a bored hacker...




is a simple, revolutionary, automated backup product that let's you backup your website to safe, secure, off-site storage.

Give your website - and your website business - the best chance possible to survive a catastrophe.


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Dear Marketer


It probably hasn't happened to you... and honestly, it probably never will - I certainly hope not.


But just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't. And, if it ever does, losing your website data and content could be devastating.


  • Your membership site lost all of your membership data?
  • Your blog lost all of your content and comments?
  • Your affiliate site lost all of your sales letters, pre-sell pages,
             product reviews, and affiliate links
  • Your client's website got hit like this?

If you're like most web entrepreneurs... you'd be up a creek.

  Even if your hosting service does website backups you'll spend hours

(or even days) on the phone with support personnel to get your

site restored.


And, after that nightmare ends, you may find your site was restored from a backup that was DAYS old so you've lost hundreds of dollars in transactions and days worth of important data.

  Your website can be restored  ... IN MINUTES!

Your membership data can be restored  ... IN MINUTES!

Your blog content and comments can be restored  ... IN MINUTES!

Your forum's user data and all of the posts and replies

         can be restored  ... IN MINUTES!

Your affiliate site sales letters, pre-sell pages, product reviews,

         and affiliate links can be restored  ... IN MINUTES!

Your client's website can be restored  ... IN MINUTES!


Check Out These Rocking Features ... ( = Uncommon Feature )


Multi-site Network Aware

Backup and entire multi-site network, backup individual sites on a multi-site network, or combine the two strategies when backing up large networks.


Backup Projects

Create multiple projects distinguished by time or by content.  For example, you can create a monthly project of static data (plugins/themes) and a daily project for very dynamic data (posts, comments, forums, etc.)


Immediate 1-Click Backups

Create unscheduled, manual backups of recent changes and/or updates to your WordPress database or website- changes that might happen between scheduled backup runs.


Simple (1-Click) Restores

When restoring an entire backup, you'll simply click the "Yes" button on the Restore Archive screen.  wpMaxBackup will do the rest.



Selective Restores

When restoring a backup, wpMaxBackup displays a hierarchy of database tables and website directories each with a selection checkbox next to it allowing you to include or exclude individual database tables or website directories


Dual Trigger

wpMaxBackup uses the WordPress internal cron feature to trigger scheduled backups.  If it is crucial for .your backup to run at a time when site traffic is light (and the WordPress cron isn't activated) you can easily kick-off the backup using the more predictable system cron.


Flexible Scheduling

Each backup project can be scheduled to run monthly, weekly, daily, or some combination of the three.  (If the schedule has multiple backups falling on the same day, only one will be taken.)


Automatic Offsite Storage

You can configure wpMaxBackup to automatically transfer a backup archive file to a remote location for added safety and integrity.  That offsite location can be an FTP server in your network or a bucket on your Amazon S3 account.


Amazon S3 Resource Mgmt.

Easily maintain backup archives that are stored on your Amazon S3 account.  You can retrieve a backup archive in order to execute a "Restore" procedure or you can delete one or more archives for "housecleaning".


Customer Support

When you buy a Ken Sar product, you know it comes with great customer support.  I stand behind all of my products 100% and do everything possible to keep my customers satisfied.

...or, you can just watch the plugin in action!!




I'm sure you don't want to risk losing your entire website because you didnít do the smart thing and set up an automated backup strategy with an offsite, safe storage system. And now, you have no more excuses.


Everything about wpMaxBackup was designed to make it easy and painless for you to protect your WordPress websites.  When we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING...that includes the price!


For just $97, you can give your website  - and your website business - the best chance possible to survive a catastrophe. In fact, since you'll have an unlimited site license, you can have wpMaxBackup protect ALL of your WordPress websites.


You don't want to pass up this super deal!.

  • Automatic, scheduled backups.
  • Safe, offsite storage using Amazon S3 (or FTP).
  • Easy Backup Management
  • Simple 1-Click or Selective restores
  • 1st Class Customer Support



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